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Wintery Craft Meet!- Sunday, November 9th

Wristcuffs, and jewelry, and, headdresses; Oh my!
At this meet, we'll be working on several accessories with a winter theme to gear up for December's International Lolita Day. It'll be the perfect time to gather coord ideas and make yourselves and friends something new.
Please bring all materials that you know you will use for your own activity (lace, ribbon, cabochons, etc) and maybe some extra filler to help one another out.

Also: as we'll be crafting for awhile, bring yourself something to eat! Taylor will be providing some snacks and beverages but will not be able to provide meals for everyone in attendance (sorry, y'all!).

This event will take place at 3pm at my home.

If you'd like more information regarding location, directions, and materials needed, please check  out the Facebook comm page or message me for details.
Tags: crafting, lolita, lolita fashion, meetup
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